Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I think in my head about Slankets!

Well for a little while now snuggies/slankets have been pretty popular. And of course I had to have one! SO for christmas My wonderful aunt Michelle DeGrace bought me one! I was so excited to have it and as soon as i saw it  in the plastic my brain was filling up with wonderful thoughts of everything i could do with my new ROYAL Blue slanket!
-Can I take a shower with it?
-Would it be weird if i went to school wearing it?
-Come on Rudy let's for a walk in my slannnkettt!(I like to exagerate the word slanket its so fun to say!)
-These are definitley going to be the new style!
-Can i wear this in public?
-Would Shannon mind if I wore it to her games?
-All it needs is a built in potty and really wouldn't be cold! (You know how sometimes feel a breeze?)
-Would people think I'm weird if I you know walked around town in it?
-All they need is to have you be able to get the fitted and customized!!!
-Even though it's a little odd and weird looking you don't think anyone would mind around wearing it, I mean who cares they don't have to wear it if they don't want to!
-They should really make one water proof for the pool,shower,and any other bodies of water!!!
-Whats up with the back if it was closed in the back you would never get a breeze through the back door, and no one wants that!
-Boy I really gotta thank shell! Maybe I'll get her one too!


  1. The best money I ever spent! Laney, what else can I get you that will give me the gift of laughter back??

  2. Laney this is hysterical.. Cant wit to show it to Uncle Scott when he gets home...



  3. Hi Laney, just got on my new account. Great blog..
    Miss ya Love nana

  4. Laney this was so funny, what else do you have in your mind...
    Keep all the great stories coming.

    Love Nana

  5. Nice... very nice, you freak. Happy belated birthday btw forgot to tell you when I saw you yesterday!!!
    Love you, smooches!

  6. Delaney did I ever mention to you that you look superb in royal blue! What a beauty! Keep up this fantastic work of yours it just blows me away!!!!

  7. Uh, Delaney, how come you are wearing a blue robe backwards?