Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I think in my head about Halloween!

Despite the horrible rain once again this Saturday, My holiday turned out pretty well. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays not just because of the fun costumes, but the candy of course. I decided to dress myself as an old man, while my brother crossed to the more Hispanic side of and went as a taco. Even before Halloween starts my brain if filled with questions, thoughts and concerns...
-Are you seriously going to buy that costume
-Nice decorations
-Eww who gives out raisins
-Alright open up your lights are on, we know your home just open the door!
-"What are you supposed to be?" "A pop star!" Geeze for the fifth year in a row!
-Then you always get to the one house that gives out the best stuff, but by the time you get there, the kid in front of you gets the last one. and the house only made enough for that many.
-OR threes the house that has the old man or woman answer the door and the house always smells funky.
-Then you get to the one who you didn't even know lived on you block and its some foreign family that has a weird accent so you can't understand them and they always ask "oo look how many children there are, hold on let me count so I can get the candy." Five minutes later "oo I'm back here's the candy, oops i forgot let me go get some more for you. And by the time he comes back your alone at the door and don't even want the candy!
-Why not go to stop and shop or Costco get five bags for a buck dump it into a bowl and answer the door then let each one take a piece and say trick or treat. Or you can make it harder for yourself.
-Or my favorite house (Mom you know a.k.a squidward) who this year came to the door with her video camera to video tape us and take pictures of us asking for candy!
-And there goes the princess, the banana, a pirate and scream walking up the street. Haven't seen those costumes in a while!
-then the candy bowls that have the hands that grabs your and scares you to death, so the guy that's handing out the candy can watch and laugh when you scream and make a fool out of yourself!
-WOAHH, look guys there giving out prizes instead of candy, a kaleidoscope! (really happened)
-My personally favorite my neighbor asking the lady who answers the door "mmm your house smells like soup and roast beef" The lady makes a weird face and answers well I do have to feed my kids too, would you rather have that then this candy?" she says only as a joke. "WELL YEAH!" he yells.... good times, good times
-And my neighbors house who gives out the best. The KING sized candy bars! SCORE!
~~~Boy, do I love Halloween!~~~