Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I think in my head about Satan!

My mom always told me that there was no such thing as satan, and I believed her. Well this spring it all changed and SHE WAS WRONG! There is such thing as satan, and guess what lucky me she is on my lacrosse team! As soon as I saw her walk on the field, I swear I didn't think my life could get any worse!

-Why can't you play another sport that I don't do!
-What are you wearing, were running you know!
-What the heck am I going to do now.
-Leave please!
-OKAY lady if your gonna talk about me and say that I cant play you've got to be kidding me!
-Don't sit in front of me your hair is too big then I won't be able to see!
-Talk about The hair...can't you put it up in a headband or a ponytail even!
-ugh I say as I compare my soccer shorts and Bella mozzarella t-shirt to her hot pink and black matching tight tank top with matching shorts and earrings and EYE SHADOW! Freak
-Shut up your gonna get us in trouble...wait you already did!
-Can it be SATAN?!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I think in my head about my soccer coach

Over last summer, I tried out for a traveling soccer team. Well that was a big mistake. It looked fun and the coach seemed nice. Well that all changed this year. He wasn't the coach I thought he was at first, so let's refer to him as Coach J. Coach J if your reading this i hope you become offended. I'm not trying to be mean but I think you deserve a little embarrassment since you hurt me so you wouldn't be embarrassed if front of the other girls. Please Coach, sit back relax and be embarrassed for once in your life. As soon as I heard what had happened with this "team" I just had so many thoughts in my head...
-What a jerk
-He's really that embarrassed that someone (me) actually stood up for themselves and quit your team.
-Why are you a soccer coach anyway? Wait why are you a coach!
- Why won't he just stop with his stupid childish (is that a word) excuses and act like a grown man already?!
-Soccer is soooo not your sport dude!
- If he ever tries to apologize to me he'll be sorry!
-Him and his daughter should just..... (I'm sorry i was trying to contain my fists)
-Find another job please it will be better for all of us!
-By the way coach every other girl on this "team" of yours if that's what your going to call it wants to quit and they all think your mean, and they all now the truth! So just do us all a favor please!!!