Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I think in my head about Slankets!

Well for a little while now snuggies/slankets have been pretty popular. And of course I had to have one! SO for christmas My wonderful aunt Michelle DeGrace bought me one! I was so excited to have it and as soon as i saw it  in the plastic my brain was filling up with wonderful thoughts of everything i could do with my new ROYAL Blue slanket!
-Can I take a shower with it?
-Would it be weird if i went to school wearing it?
-Come on Rudy let's for a walk in my slannnkettt!(I like to exagerate the word slanket its so fun to say!)
-These are definitley going to be the new style!
-Can i wear this in public?
-Would Shannon mind if I wore it to her games?
-All it needs is a built in potty and really wouldn't be cold! (You know how sometimes feel a breeze?)
-Would people think I'm weird if I you know walked around town in it?
-All they need is to have you be able to get the fitted and customized!!!
-Even though it's a little odd and weird looking you don't think anyone would mind around wearing it, I mean who cares they don't have to wear it if they don't want to!
-They should really make one water proof for the pool,shower,and any other bodies of water!!!
-Whats up with the back if it was closed in the back you would never get a breeze through the back door, and no one wants that!
-Boy I really gotta thank shell! Maybe I'll get her one too!