Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I think in my head about Dogs!

1 year ago for Christmas I got a black puppy. We named him RUDY, and ever since then I have been very curious about a few things!

-What colors do they see in?
-Do they have an conscious and their own opinions?
-Why to they have 2 butt holes?
-Do they know whats going on???
-What to they think of us?
-Why does their breath smell like fish?
-Are they embarrassed after they get a haircut?
-Why don't they have a uvula?
-Why to they shake and squat when they poop?
-Why do they lift up their leg when they pee?
-Are they self-conscious about us watching them go to the bathroom?
-Can they get constipated?
-Do they go to the bathroom in the house on purpose?
-Do they fart like we do?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I think in my head when I home sick with Pink Eye!

I Woke up on Wednesday ready to go to school but my eye was puffy and red, thats when I got Pink Eye! I have been stuck home dying of Boredom for 4 days which gave me a really long time to think about plenty of things............

-What would happen if I never had to go back to school?
-EWW what is pink eye, what  is all this weird things in my eye red and gross.
-What the HECK is goozing out of my Eye! 
-Can my dog get it cuz he would have it by now!
-What is all this yellow crusty stuff keeping my gross pink eye shut every Morning!
-What if my whole school got it would they cancel it?